Geography Awareness Week 2017

Thanks For Your Participation!

We wanted to thank all the students and teachers who took part in this year's MN Geography Awareness Week. Your participation made this our most-played trivia challenge to date. The progress everyone has made in the Scavenger Hunt has been exciting to watch, and the enthusiastic participation and feedback we've received has been very encouraging.

As some of you may have experienced, however, our web servers have had a difficult time keeping up with your enthusiasm for the games—so we've had to end the trivia challenge early. We didn't realize we'd have such a turnout for the challenge this year! But we've already begun the process of optimizing gameplay and upgrading servers to be able to return for next year's Geography Awareness Week Scavenger Hunt, and offer a much smoother and more robust experience.

Prizes will still be distributed, even though we had an abbreviated session this year. We'll be sure to announce the winners as soon as the results are ready.

We're truly sorry and disappointed to have to end early, but very much hope to see you all next year!

Thanks for playing!

Eric and Greg